Airbus' new Airspace cabin design shows, at last, more legroom

Airbus has launched its new Airspace cabin design, which promises to use new technologies to enhance passenger comfort while in the air.

At some unfortunate point in history, the magic of flying gave way to the miserable experience of having less breathing room than an iPhone’s product packaging. Now, Airbus’ new Airspace cabin design looks to right that wrong with a myriad of new improvements. Among them, thankfully, is greater legroom.
The cabin is designed around four pillars; comfort, ambience, service, and design, and is set to come into service in 2017 aboard Airbus’ new A330neo jet.
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The Airspace cabin design brings wide seats (18″), larger overhead storage bulkheads, roomier bathrooms that include antibacterial surfaces, and LED lighting that will help reduce jet leg by rotating through different colour temperatures.
Further, the design will bring unobstructed space under each seat, and the areas surrounding each viewport are now beveled to give the sensation of more freedom of space.
Kiran Rao, Airbus’ Executive Vice President of Marketing and Strategy, stated in a press release that “œThe A380 already offers the best comfort of any aircraft, and the A320 is the top in its single-aisle category. Airspace is another step forward, reflecting our decision to bring consistency on our two best-selling widebody aircraft: the A350 XWB and A330neo.“
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“œ…signature details and iconic elements will add to passengers‘ enjoyment of flight, while offering a flexible canvas to which the airlines can project their own brand.” Rao concluded.
What are your thoughts on Airbus’ new Airspace cabin design? Which of these improvements could go a long way to ensuring more comfortable air travel here in South Africa? Be sure to let us know your opinion in the comments below!
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Source: Airbus