Watch: Star Wars dogfighting brought to life with drones

A team of filmmakers from Corridor Digital have unveiled a new take on Star Wars dogfighting in a video made through the use of drones.

If you grew up a fan of the franchise, you likely either spent your time re-enacting lightsaber battles or pretending to be at the helm of an X-Wing. Now, a team of filmmakers have created their own Star Wars dogfighting spectacle not through CGI, but a fleet of drones.
The four minute video, which tells a cheeky tale of fan favourite R2-D2 esaping a squardron of TIE fighters in an X-Wing, recaptures the magic first brough to the big screen in A New Hope, or, back then, the original Star Wars film.
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The video was constructed through shot through two different methods; first and second person footage was constructed through mounting cockpits in front of drone cameras, while the dogfighting drone units were filmed seperately.
Production of this video saw Corrirdor Digital team up with the ace pilots of Rotor Riot, who supplied the drones seen in the video.

Impressively, none of the classic Star Wars dogfighting seen in the video was choreographed; Rotor Riot pilots employed free form flying to create the dramatic chase-style sequences that see R2-D2 evade the TIE fighter squadron.
The cockpits seen in the video were 3D printed using ABS plastic, and were hand painted. GoPro cameras, installed with the empty cockpits, captured the footage seen where numerous TIE fighters plummet to their unfortunate demise.
Now, if anyone can point us towards a reputable X-Wing or TIE fighter drone vendor, we’d be most obliged.
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