New Xbox One consoles on the horizon

Is it too soon for Microsoft to launch another console? A new Xbox One console could be launched as soon as next year

Reports from Kotaku suggest that we’ll be seeing a new Xbox One console launching in 2017 – codenamed Scorpio – will be four times as powerful as the current Xbox one model
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The main concern for Scorpio is apparently its power, as the current Xbox One has been outperformed by Sony’s PlayStation 4 since launch. According to reports from Polygon, “Microsoft is determined to end the narrative”. The current performance target for the new Xbox One console is around 6 teraflops, the source said-which is quite a fair bit higher than the recently rumoured PlayStation Neo, which has an expected target performance of only 4.14 teraflops.
According the Kotaku, Scorpio will host a “more powerful GPU” and will also be “technically capable” of supporting the Facebook owned Oculus Rift VR devices and will also sport 4K this time round. It is unlikely that Scorpio will be ready for release before late 2017.
Kotaku has also reported that Microsoft will be releasing a slimmed-down and cheaper revision of the Xbox One later this year, according to sources, this new member to the Xbox family could see its hard drive capacity doubled to 2TB and it should be revealed at the E3 press in June 2016.
This new strategy that Microsoft has taken is what sources are calling “œProject Helix“, Microsoft is planning to bring the Xbox and Windows platforms closer together to ultimately establish the Microsoft ecosystem, which is in line with what Microsoft has already announced, which will see them drive towards increased and improved inter-connectivity and game parity between Xbox One and the PC, as seen with the recently released Forza Apex PC and Xbox cross-platform video game.
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By Ethan Jappie