WhatsApp is now the world's most popular Android app

According to a new report, WhatsApp is now the world’s most popular Android app, claiming the highest number of users in a whopping 109 countries.

How do you conquer the world? You create a dead simple messaging app and promise never to advertise on it. Well, at least that’s what the founders of WhatsApp did, with the instant messaging platform now taking the title of the world’s most popular Android app.
According to a new report from SimilarWeb, WhatsApp has claimed the greatest number of users in 109 countries; for context, that’s 55.6% of 187 nations that were surveyed.
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WhatsApp has managed to outpace one of its most significant rivals – its distant cousin by adoption, Facebook‘s Messenger. Messenger raked in the largest number of users in 49 countries; a good few steps behind the likes of WhatsApp – itself a messaging platform which Facebook acquired in 2014.
However, several niche apps managed to win the order of the day in their home territories; Line unsurprisingly conquers Japan, while KakaoTalk is favoured in South Korea. In Indonesia, however, BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) reigns surpeme, where it can be found onboard 87.5% of the population’s Android phones.
WhatsApp, in particular, is a favourite in varying locations; namely, Brazil, Mexico, India, Russia, and Africa to name a few.
WhatsApp has yet to truly find a competitor with which to tussle for world dominance; while many new chat apps continue to about – most notably, Google‘s Allo and Duo – none have yet come close to challenging WhatsApp for the throne.
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Source: SimilarWeb