Otterbox's modular case brings Project Ara fun to the iPhone

While Google’s Project Ara has won hearts and minds in the Android world, Otterbox’s newest case brings modular components to the iPhone.

If you’re an avid iPhone user, neither Google’s Project Ara or the LG G5 deserve to have all the fun. Otterbox’s newest iPhone case introduces a modular design in which users can install up to two different accessories at one time.
The Universe case accommodates two slots; one on the bottom, and one on the top, which allows users to install compatible modules that add different functionality.
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Otterbox has provided several add-ons so far, including the likes of a battery pack, wallet, lens kit, Wi-Fi booster, and a tripod for photography enthusiasts. The company has clarified that modules inserted into its Universe don’t rely on a Lightning connection, leaving an iPhone’s bottom port free for charging or transfer purposes.
At launch, Otterbox has partnered with the likes of Square, Olloclip, and SanDisk to offer new accessories which will arrive in coming weeks.
The Universe case itself forms part of an interesting trend that is quickly becoming popular in 2016: the advent of the modular phone. LG unveiled its modular flagship, the G5, earlier this year, and Google has clarified that its modular Project Ara devices will finally hit shelves in 2017.
The Universe case is set to begin selling for $50 USD today, and will reach retail stores in the United States within the week.
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What are your thoughts on Otterbox’s new case? Would you buy one for your iPhone, and if so, what accessories would you equip it with? Be sure to let us know your opinion in the comments below!
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