The Entertainer Review: Is the R500 app worth it?

In our The Entertainer review, we find out if there is ever a case to buy a R500 application

Have you ever paid more than R100 for an application? How about R500? The first thought that came to mind was: “œWho in their right mind would pay this much for an app?“ While the asking price of R495 might appear steep, we took a deep dive in our The Entertainer review to see what it‘s all about.
At first glance, you realise that the concept behind The Entertainer is extremely simple. It works on a buy one, get one free basis. I know what you‘re thinking (while rolling your eyes): “œO no, not another one of these deal portals.“ Don‘t be so quick to judge, though.
Don‘t be mistaken into thinking this is another Groupon, it isn‘t. I don‘t know if you have noticed, but (in South Africa, at least) when a company or restaurant appears on Groupon it is a pretty sure sign that they are about to go bust. It leads to the logical conclusion that their product is sub-standard, because they are struggling to keep head above water.
On The Entertainer, this is not the case at all. In fact, some of your favourite and the best known restaurants and businesses can be found on the app. As a data scientist, I can confirm that the application is purely trying to do one thing ““ change behaviour. By changing your behaviour slightly and showing patronage to these businesses, you still receive a top notch product and save money.
Once you‘ve bought into the app, it is simply a case of going to the restaurant or business, ordering and redeeming your buy one get one free offer by showing your app to the manager and entering your redemption code. The manager will enter the establishment‘s code as well, and the one item is automatically removed from your bill.
You find establishments by going into the specific section you want to use and seeing which are available in the surrounding areas ““ it sorts the businesses by closest to your location. There are many top notch businesses on the app, as you can see from this map below of restaurants in the Cape Town City Bowl. You can also use The Entertainer in Johannesburg and Pretoria (as well as Europe, Asia and the Middle East).
The app will also keep track of more or less how much money you‘ve saved, which is a nice touch. Something to keep in mind is that you will only be able to redeem three times from one establishment in any calendar year, but it is more than enough. There are also monthly deals that are only valid for that month, which adds to the savings.
If you are willing to make some changes in where you spend your money, you can save a lot of it. Heck, you might not even have to change your behaviour, as I‘ve found a couple of my favourite restaurants are on the app in any case.
We have no trouble recommending spending the R495; you‘ll make it back in no time. Also, there are the following benefits:

  • You save on the go ““ there are deals all around you (if you are in major centres)
  • You don‘t look and feel cheap ““ have you seen the looks you get when handing in that printed Groupon?
  • You have access to variety ““ there are deals on Food & Drink, Beauty & Fitness, Attractions & Leisure, Retail & Services, Hotels and More

Pro Tip: If you are looking to buy the app, enter the promo code SHARE. It’ll give you 30% off the full price. There are only a limited amount of promotions available, so jump before they’re gone!
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