Pebble's Core offers a GPS accessory for runners

Pebble Core is the latest product from the famed smartwatch group, which is positioned as a GPS-enabled accessory device.

Pebble’s latest smartwatches sport optical heart rate sensors, but lack a crucial component to lure in fitness enthusiasts and athletes alike: GPS. Enter the Pebble Core, the company’s newest accessory device that brings GPS to the party.
The Pebble Core is the firm’s first gadget outside of the smartwatch realm. Shaped as a square that’s designed to attach to a keyring or bike, the Core is aimed at runners with GPS and a 3G modem for tracking location and streaming Spotify playlists on the go.
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The Core offers a solution for runners who’d like to pursue their hobby without taking a smartphone along for the ride. The unit can be used to simply send an SMS over 3G or even summon an Uber.
The Pebble Core, interestingly enough, ditches Pebble’s homegrown OS in favour of Android.
The Core offers two buttons; one larger in the centre that controls stop and start functionality, while the smaller of the two is used to send a text with the user’s location embedded.
Just like a chunky iPod Shuffle, the Core accommodates for a 3.5mm jack for headphones and is further capable of pairing with wireless headphones over Bluetooth.
Pebble claims that the Core will average 9 hours of battery life, and can be charged wirelessly.
The Core has launched on Kickstarter today and will begin to sell at $69 USD, and is expected to ship in 2017.
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What are your thoughts on the Pebble Core? Would you buy one to take on your evening or morning jog? Be sure to let us know your opinion in the comments below!
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