Leaked iPhone 7 case reveals four corner speakers

We’ve already had indication that the next iPhone will do away with a 3.5mm jack, and now a leaked iPhone 7 case has revealed four corner speakers.

The next iPhone has already succeeded in garnering controversy primarily due to rumours that Apple will ditch using a 3.5mm audio jack in favour of Lightning connections. Now, a leaked iPhone 7 case has revealed another audio shakeup – this time in the form of four corner speakers.
The leaked iPhone 7 case reveals a redesigned camera layout, in which the flash module is placed beneath the camera sensor. The case sports four open ports for speakers on its top and bottom corners.
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It would seem that if the iPhone 7 case is accurate, Apple have taken design inspiration from the likes of the iPad Pro, which similarly features a vertically-aligned camera and flash as well as four corner speakers.
The case runs against previous indications that Apple has been developed a dual-camera iPhone, though newer reports have indicated that the Cupertino company could be producing three different iPhone variants this near; namely, an iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, and, potentially, an iPhone 7 Pro, which this case design could refer to.
Recently, Apple expanded its iPad lineup in a similar manner – introducing a smaller 9.7″ iPad Pro to complement its larger brother. The total iPad range is now comprised four models; something the iPhone range could mirror with the recent introduction of the iPhone SE.
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What are your thoughts on the leaked iPhone 7 case? Are you in favour of the design changes Apple could potentially be making, or do you prefer the design of the 6 and 6s? Be sure to let us know your opinion in the comments below!
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