Xiaomi drone leaked in new teaser video

A new video teaser of a Xiaomi drone has leaked across the internet, revealing the upcoming quadcopter’s design ahead of launch.

Xiaomi have long been tipped to be producing their own drone, and a new leak has revealed the tentatively titled Xiaomi drone ahead of its announcement.
The twenty second teaser video depicts a quadcopter design that will balance on four balancing legs and support a camera in its center.
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The video reveals an all-white colour configuration – previously, the drone was rumoured to be sold in matte black only – with a camera able to swivel and rotate to a near 360 degrees.
Unfortunately, it seems unlikely that Xiaomi’s drone offering will offer 360 video support, as seen aboard the Samsung Gear 360 or LG 360 Cam.
While we’ve little official word to go on as far as camera specifications, the latest rumours indicate that the Xiaomi drone could incorporate 4K video recording. Further, Xiaomi is expected to include gesture based controls, using its Mi Band for a ‘Follow Me’ function.

The Xiaomi drone is expected to retail for approximately ¥3,999 CNY, which equates to roughly $610 USD. Thus far, no word has been made on local availability in South Africa.
A Xiaomi drone would mark an interesting expansion to the company’s current product ecosystem; most recently, the Chinese firm introduced the 4K Mi Box set-top box during Google’s I/O, and further unveiled its massive Mi Max phablet.
Xiaomi have further confirmed that it is developing a VR-ready phone that will support Google’s new Daydream virtual reality feature.
Xiaomi are set to livestream its drone reveal on May 25th, at 7am ET.
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What are your thoughts on a Xiaomi drone? Is the market ready for yet another quadcopter? Be sure to let us know your opinion in the comments below!
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