Lunar Mission One is set to deliver two archives on the moon

Lunar Mission One, of Lunar Mission Ltd, is set to deliver two digital archives for preservation on the surface of the moon.

Perhaps its time for the Cloud to take a backseat – Lunar Mission One, a new initiative from Lunar Missions Ltd, is set to deposit two digital archives on the surface of the moon for safe keeping.
As it turns out, the moon could be our best bet for securely storing information. According to David Iron, the CEO of Lunar Missions Ltd, the moon is “the perfect vacuum… We will deep-drill into the Moon to create a hole with wonderful environmental qualities for preservation, probably better than anywhere else ““ it’s -150°C down there, there’s literally zero atmosphere, and whatever goes down the hole could survive a very, very long time.”
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Anyone can contribute to the digital archive, which will retell ‘Life on Earth’ as a stored file. Supporters of the project can use, an app which gathers personal information from around the web, to submit their own private archive of photos, audio, or video for preservation on the moon.
Further, contributors will be able to submit their DNA code in the form of a single strand of hair, which will be permanently tagged with that individual’s personal details.
While researchers have an idea as the volume of the borehole which will be dug, the storage material has yet to be confirmed.
Of the two digital archives, one will be constructed out of a global database of publicly assembled information, and the other a private record for individuals.
On the likelihood the archive will be discovered, Irons reflected that “There’s a reasonable prospect that this capsule could be discovered in the future ““ it’s more likely (that it will be discovered) than something sent into the solar system.”
Persons wishing to add their details to the archive will be able to submit a ‘digital memory box’ for an as-yet unconfirmed price of around $100 USD, which Irons states will fund the mission.
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Source: Lunar Mission Ltd