You can now get your Domino's pizza delivered by a self-driving robot

If having your meal delivered by a human being is just too mainstream, you’ll soon be able to have Domino’s pizza delivered through a self-driving robot.

Unveiled in Brisbane, Australia, Domino’s “Robotic Unit” or the DRU for short, is the result of an eight month development period in conjunction with Australia’s Marathon Robotics.
The robot is capable of accepting payments and chatting with customers over and above delivering pizza and drinks in separate hot and cold compartments.
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The robot – which costed $22,000 USD to manufacture, uses GPS and lasers to guide itself and is capable of reaching speeds of 18 kmh. The unit further makes use of a series of IP cameras to monitor its environment and any malcontents around it.
The Domino’s Robotic Unit has been tested on Brisbane streets following a green light of approval from the Queensland Department of Transport. In order for consumers to receive their order, customers are required to punch in a staff-provided passcode in order to gain access to their pizza and drinks.
Don Meiji, the head of Domino’s Pizza in Australia stated to Digital Trends that “œIt‘s a genuinely autonomous robot today, but some of the technology on the AI side still has to lift…He‘s able to stop and sense and won‘t hit things, but he needs to be more foolproof. For example, he‘s not currently aware of how big he is on top which can be a problem when he spins.”
Meiji further added that the robot could be set to begin employment within two years.
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What are your thoughts on Domino Pizza’s new delivery unit? Would you prefer to have your pizza delivered by a human being or robot? Be sure to let us know your opinion in the comments below!
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Source: DigitalTrends