Chromebooks outsell Macs in the United States

For the first time since their inception, Chromebooks have outsold Macs in the United States during the first three months of 2016.

Somewhere out there, Sundar Pichai is smiling: Chromebooks have officially outsold Apple‘s range of Macs in the United States..
The results, which reflect sales in the first three months of 2016, saw more Google-powered laptops ship than the entirety of Apple’s desktop computing line. While Chrome OS is far and away from usurping Mac OS X’s spot next to the throne, the results indicate a uprising victory for Google following the company’s I/O last week.
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Analysts have put the Chromebook’s success down to two key developments; firstly, that Apple’s earnings for the first three months of 2016 saw Mac sales dip by 9 percent worldwide among the company’s first revenue drop in over thirteen years.
Secondly, Chromebooks have successfully tapped into a niche education market, with most manufactures opting to punt Chrome OS towards school-goers; Dell’s Chromebook 11 for Education being a shining example.
Ultimately, the news that Chromebooks have outsold Macs should ultimately worry Microsoft far more so than Apple; while the latter sells premium laptops and desktops, the former has a far higher stake in the low-to-mid range laptop market.
Whereas Microsoft struggles to pull Windows 10’s app offerings into formation and further punt the platform to enterprise uses, Chromebooks offer a simplicity that makes the line far more convincing for educational or business deployment.
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Following the news that the entirety of the Google Play Store is set to become available aboard Chrome OS, Microsoft now has a far wider fight on its hands.
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