Motorola could be about to bring back the flip phone

Ready for a flashback? The Motorola Razr could tipped to make a return this year, as Lenovo has teased the device in promotion material.

The Motorola Razr evokes warm feelings of nostalgia at Bandwidth Blog HQ; previously, we’ve cited the device as our number one in our roundup of the top 5 prettiest phones, and Jaco van der Walt cited it as a device that showed us the future in Bandwidth Blog On Air.
Now, according to new promotional material from Lenovo – Motorola’s new parent – we could see a return to the heady days of the flip phone in June this year.
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In a new teaser for an upcoming handset, the Motorola Razr is teased heavily, beckoning users to “flip back to the Razr days of yesteryear and get ready for the future.”
The video further includes a link to a sign up page, from which users will be able to learn more about the device at an unspecified point closer to its release date.
The video, which is the near definition of early noughties nostalgia, features high school students in hallways snapping selfies with a Motorola Razr in hand.
Motorola, under Lenovo, is likely teasing a follow up device that will in some way feature a flip panel. In 2016, that sounds a little more than gimmicky to us, but we’ll reserve judgement until the company is ready to release its new Razr out into the wild.
June 9th is both highlighted in the video, and is the date of Lenovo’s Tech World conference, meaning its more than likely we’ll get to see what the company has up its sleeve – or in its pockets – then.
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What are your thoughts on the possible resurgence of the Motorola Razr? Be sure to let us know in the comments below, and listen in to Bandwidth Blog On Air for our view on this device from yesteryear!

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