Google confirms Chrome OS will soon run all Android apps

After months of rumour, Google has finally confirmed on the third day of its I/O that Chrome OS will soon be able to run Android apps.

It’s official: The Google Play Store is finally headed to Chrome OS. Today, on the third day of its I/O developer conference, Google has confirmed that users will soon be able to install any Android app aboard their Chromebook or Chromebox.
Previously, Google has been rumoured to have been working to bring Android apps to the platform, and a recent leak which occurred last month all but confirmed Chrome OS’ new expansion.
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Android apps on Chrome OS will now run in a Linux container, meaning that developers won’t have to add any new features to their Android apps to enable them to run aboard the platform.
Both Chrome and Android apps will use the same kernel and resources, while apps developed for the latter will run in a protected mode.
Google has clarified that Android apps will only run on a handful of devices at first; among them, the Chromebook Pixel, Asus Chromebook Flip, and Acer R11. The intention behind the rollout is prioritise touch-enabled devices, giving Android developers extra time to introduce improved keyboard support to their apps.
Android apps will be able to access the full Chrome OS file system in either online or offline mode, as well as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functionality. Further, standard notifications with in-line replied will still function.
In a statement to TechCrunch, Product Manager Kan Liu stated that “œWhat we want to do here is keep all of the great features of Chrome OS and bring all of the best parts of Android over so our users get the best of both worlds.“
While Google has announced the Play Store’s arrival on Chrome today, the new feature is first rolling out to the company’s developer channel in June, with a general release set to occur at an unspecified date following that.
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Source: TechCrunch