Uber's Trip Tracker allows you to track friends and family

Uber’s newest feature, Trip Tracker, will allow its users to track the journey of friends and family underneath a Family Profile.

Many parents and families have made use of Uber to provide transportation for their loved ones, and the company’s newest feature, Trip Tracker, will now allow for users to track the whereabouts of beneficiaries under a Family Profile.
To use Trip Tracker, users will need to update their Uber app and set up a Family Profile. Family Profiles allows up to 10 Uber users to join a single account which will handle payment.
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Previously, Uber allowed riders to share their journey with a selected user. Now, the company’s newest feature allows friends and family to stay abreast of a commuter’s journey in case of an emergency or concern.
The introduction of Trip Tracker is positioned towards families with the view of ensuring the security of minors. For instance, parents who are owners of a Family Profile will receive notifications when their children have boarded an Uber, and will be able to track the journey in real time.
Family Profiles are available in every city in which Uber operates, and the new Trip Tracker feature is presently rolling out across the world.
The new feature is one of several splashes Uber has recently made in the news; in South Africa, the company held an UberHEALTH event in mid April, in which on-demand flu shots could be requested and delivered by a registered nurse directly from the app.
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What are your thoughts on Uber’s new tracking feature? Will you use it to ensure the safety of your friends and family, or is it an invasive measure? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!
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