Bandwidth Blog On Air – Episode 41

Welcome back to Bandwidth Blog On Air ““ our weekly podcast with the latest news, reviews and opinions from the technology world.

In Bandwidth Blog On Air ““ Episode 41, Bandwidth Blog Editor Theunis van Rensburg and General Manager Bryan Smith are joined by a very special guest – South Africa’s own Mark Pilgrim!
Stay tuned for an exciting episode in which Theunis and Bryan find out how Mark got into technology and the Apple ecosystem, explore the recent Xbox Live Gold subscription increase, and chat about the Panasonic Smart Home in this week’s review spotlight.
In this podcast, we speak on the following stories:

Mark Pilgrim on Apple

Kids and iPads ““ Draining more than just batteries

Xbox Live Gold subscription increase

South African Xbox Live Gold subscription set to increase by 218%

Panasonic Smart Home

Panasonic Smart Home Review: Has the IoT taken hold?
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