Blips lenses turn your phone's camera into a microscope

A series of lenses from startup company Blips are able to transform your smartphone camera into an ultra-portable microscope.

Every now and then, we stumble on something wickedly cool and unorthodox that’s headed for crowd funding. The latest is Blips, a series of tape-on lenses that transform your humble smartphone camera into an ultra-portable microscope.
Up until now, lens accessories for smartphones have been garish additions which usually require some grace to carry or conceal. Blips lenses are constructed out of a thin tape that uses an electrostatic charge to stick on top of a smartphone camera.
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The series arrives in two different forms; one is a a macro lens which is capable of taking close-up images of objects such as insects, while the other is a micro lens which can be used to examine items in microscopic detail.
The lenses are thin enough that they can slide into a user’s pocket without ripping off, and can be used on a variety of smartphones. However, the level of magnification achieved depends on the quality of the smartphone camera used.
Further, users will need to vigorously clean their phone’s cameras before applying the tape, lest they be mired in a blurry swamp of dirt.
The Blips’ Kickstarter campaign has raised well over its required goal of $15,000 USD, and has promised early backers delivery in September.
The lenses are set to arrive with a free app that will optimize shooting conditions and help users to lock in focus on objects while shooting.
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What are your thoughts on the Blips series of lenses? Which of the two would you rather buy to use on your own smartphone? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!
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Source: Kickstarter
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