New Moto X leaks point to an all-metal design

A new set of Moto X leaks, which seemingly identify the company’s forthcoming flagship, show a large camera and an all-metal design.

We received an early look at last year’s Moto G thanks to internet tipsters, and now a new batch of Moto X leaks have revealed some interesting details about the company’s upcoming flagship.
The new Moto X will represent Motorola’s first smartphone underneath its new owner Lenovo, and new design tweaks reveal an interesting direction for the smartphone.
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Moto X leaks thus far have depicted an all-metal body with a far larger camera module which sits above its rear panel in a similar manner to the Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S7 range.
Further, the Moto X seems tipped to include a rear-firing speaker with a stereo speaker grill mounted on its rear panel. Previously, the company has opted to include front-firing speakers on its devices.
The Moto X sports a far larger bottom chin, which will house a fingerprint sensor on the front on the device, and is expected to include an active display which would allow users to wake the phone by waving their hand across its screen. It is presently unclear if the Moto X will include an Always On display in the vein of the Galaxy S7 range or LG G5.
Interestingly, the Moto X leaks, which arrive courtesy of HelloMotoHK, depict the company’s Droid logos aboard; potentially signifying a small re-branding.
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What are your thoughts on the leaks surrounding the Moto X? Would an all-metal Motorola phone, equipped with a rear-firing speaker and fingerprint sensor, appeal to you? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!
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Source: Evleaks, HelloMotoHK