Facebook tests new Mother's Day Reactions

Ahead of the occasion this Sunday, Facebook is testing out new Mother’s Day Reactions to supplement the Like, Love and Laugh actions

Facebook first unveiled its new Reactions as a supplement to the traditional Like button; now, ahead of the occasion this Sunday, the social network is trialling new Mother’s Day Reactions.
The Verge reports that some users have managed to find a new Reaction – a purple flower – within Facebook’s source code. A statement from the social network has confirmed that users in certain regions will be able to send flowers as reactions.
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The advent of Mother’s Day Reactions marks the first time Facebook has employed its new feature set towards a dedicated occasion.
Surprisingly, Facebook has confirmed that the United States isn’t among the list of countries set to receive the new Reaction.
Facebook has stated that the option to leave the Mother’s Day reaction will cease on Monday morning, though it will appear in areas where it has been posted in perpetuity.
The social network has previously developed new technologies and rolled out time-centric events around them; most recently, Facebook began using its Safety Check feature in broader regions following complaints that its use was euro-centric.
The natural premise for the company to unveil a new set of Reactions would be a user’s birthday, though the company hasn’t offered any information as to how we can expect to see the feature in use going forward.
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While sending a virtual flower is all well and good, don’t forget to send your mother a real bouquet this coming Sunday.
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Source: The Verge