Vine's official app arrives on Windows 10

Joining the ranks of Facebook and Messenger, Vine has launched its official Windows Universal App on the Windows 10 App Store.

Do good things come in threes? Windows 10’s Universal App initiative would likely agree. Joining the new found ranks of Facebook and Messenger, Vine has unveiled its new app for Windows 10.
Vine, which is owned by Twitter, is a sharing social network based on the concept of creating, liking, and sharing short six and a half second videos.
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The app, which has launched a number of web celebrities to stardom, including the likes of Jerome Jarre, is now available on Windows 10 and can be accessed without an account.
The service’s Windows 10 app is split between channels such as Music, Sport and Comedy, and offers back-to-back playback.
The app’s Windows 10 iteration offers an intriguing new feature; users are able to pin particular channels and accounts to the Start Menu, and will be able to see previews of new Vines in the form of Live Tiles.
Users will be able to share Vines they enjoyed through Twitter, Facebook, integrated Messaging and even email.
The addition of the video app to Windows 10’s retinue expands the platform’s social media reach. Prior to the arrival of Facebook, Messenger and Instagram, the platform remained dependent on its Edge browser to access many social media services effectively.
Twitter has previously promised to bring its set of apps to the Windows 10 platform, with Vine likely being the first of many new apps to come to the operating system.
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What are your thoughts on the arrival of Vine on Windows 10? Could this be the start of a resurgence for Microsoft’s desktop and mobile OS, or is it a break in a string of bad luck?
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