The Rock Clock is Dwayne Johnson's newest app

If you’ve ever wanted to wake up with the drive to get moving and kick ass, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s new alarm app, the Rock Clock, has you covered

For some of us, each morning is a struggle to leave behind a warm bed. Now, a new app named The Rock Clock, produced by Dwayne Johnson’s Project Rock, is here to get you moving.
Marketed as a “motivational alarm clock from Project Rock“, the Rock Clock enables users to set goals and stay motivated. If that wasn’t enough, users will be able to hear new messages from The Rock himself every morning.
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Unsurprisingly, the app doesn’t include a snooze button.
For those who like a little something more bundled with their alarm clock apps, The Rock Clock comes bundles with 25 ringtones created by the man himself, and even allows you to sync your alarm with Dwayne Johnson’s own. That somehow even includes ringtones where Johnson repeatedly phrases the words “ring ring” himself.
Users who download the Rock Clock will be prompted to set a goal to additionally track their progress and receive broadcasted motivational messages from the Rock himself. In the first, Johnson states that “I’m gonna be checking in with you guys. I’m gonna be reading your goals daily, because I have access to everything because I am a secret ninja.”
The alarm clock is the second piece developed by Project Rock – the first of which was a custom gym bag which sold out in minutes.
The Rock Clock is available now on both Android and iOS for free.
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