Microsoft announce Sharepoint and OneDrive Universal Windows Apps

Microsoft have announced that both new Sharepoint and OneDrive apps will launch on the Universal Windows Store platform this May

Microsoft’s Universal Windows App initiative recently received a shot in the arm thanks to the timely arrival of Facebook and Messenger, and now Redmond itself is committing two of its most used apps, Sharepoint and OneDrive, to the platform.
Microsoft officials have promised that Sharepoint will soon arrive on both iOS, Android and Windows Phone as a standalone app, while OneDrive is set to become a universal app that will run across Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile.
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The company released a roadmap for both services, which details we should see tighter integration between Sharepoint and OneDrive by the end of this quarter. Specifically, users will be able to access Sharepoint Online document libraries from the OneDrive app, and will be able to copy information from OneDrive to Sharepoint.
The company have further stated that a OneDrive Universal App is to be expected towards the end of the current calendar quarter.
The news is a welcome relief for stalwart OneDrive users, who can find a dedicated client for Android and iOS, but lack a standalone app aboard Windows 10.
Previously, the company has relied on OneDrive as a File Explorer extension. While for many this is acceptable, owners of Windows 10 tablets might find difficulty accessibly using the service while in tablet mode.
The advent of a OneDrive Universal App will bring Microsoft into direct competition with Dropbox, which was an early adopter of the format.
What are your thoughts on Microsoft’s plans for Sharepoint and OneDrive? Will the company win out over its rivals by bringing its own services to bear in the form of mobile apps? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!
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Source: ZDNet