You can now run Windows 95 on your Apple Watch

An enterprising hacker has discovered a way to run Windows 95 on the Apple Watch, bringing a breath of nostalgia to Apple’s premium wearable.

If you’re not quite satisfied with Apple’s tweaks in the form of watchOS 2, you now have another option: hacker Nick Lee, of Tendigi Studious, has discovered a way to run Windows 95 on the Apple Watch.
Windows 95, which was released in the eponymous year, required just a 100Mhz processor to run on a personal computer. Through porting the Bochs x86 emulator to his Apple Watch, Lee was able to hack his Apple Watch to run Microsoft’s operating system.
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Lee explained that through the Bochs x86 emulator, he was able to “œpatch certain files within a WatchKit app to load your own application code rather than Apple‘s.” Lee then installed a Windows 95 disk image into his app to allow the operating system to run.
Running Windows 95 on the Apple Watch is far from practical, however: Lee cites that it takes roughly one hour for the operating system to boot. Beyond his latest endeavour, Lee has previously been able to get Mac OS 7.5.5 to run on his Apple Watch.
Should you also want to install Microsoft’s golden oldie onto your Apple Watch, Lee has posted full details on Medium and has made the source code available on GitHub.
Earlier this year, a 19 year old web developer named Andrea Faulds has developed a means to run Windows 95 within a browser, using conversion of C/C++ code into JavaScript and through use of a DOS emulator.
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Source: Macworld
See Nick Lee’s posts on Medium and GitHub