Watch Star Wars: The Force Awakens in emoji form

If you loved the latest film in the Star Wars saga, Disney has offered a fun new way to enjoy its story by releasing The Force Awakens in emoji form.

Disney’s newest Star Wars film, the seventh episode in the saga, released to aplomb in theatres last year, and arrived on digital download and blu-ray earlier this month. Now, Disney has recapped the film’s plot in a novel way, re-telling The Force Awakens in emoji form.
The video, which has been released ahead of May the 4th (which is Star Wars Day), retells the seventh instalment of the saga through the official Star Wars emoji set.
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While the video is, at best, a concise re-telling of the original film at just three minutes and eighteen seconds, it’s a wonderfully fun way of getting in the Star Wars spirit.
The video, which opens with the typical Star Wars crawl in text message form, sees its characters leap between popular devices and even namedrops famous apps with an entertaining Star Wars twist.
Our personal favourites? Nothing quite beats seeing Rey and Kylo Ren battle it out over a Privacy menu in a tablet’s Settings, and, of course, the saga’s Wookie spin on Uber with the advent of Chewber.
If you haven’t managed to watch The Force Awakens yet, you can rest assured a huge spoiler is thankfully obscured.

The video joins the ranks of other emoji-style retellings: previously, Disney has taken the wraps off of both Aladdin and Frozen as told by emoji.
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What are your thoughts on Disney’s retelling of The Force Awakens in emoji form? What movie would you like to see retold in with emoji? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!
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