5 things we want to see in Mass Effect: Andromeda

Welcome to our new show, Bandwidth Blog Live, where in this instalment we‘re looking at 5 things we want to see in Mass Effect Andromeda.

We loved the first three Mass Effect games, which took us on a dark and daring journey across the galaxy to defeat an ancient evil. Now, BioWare hard at work developing the next instalment of the franchise, we’re looking at 5 things we want to see in Mass Effect Andromeda.
Mass Effect: Andromeda is set to tell an entirely new story in the Mass Effect franchise, and one at that which won’t feature any familiar faces. With the weight of expectation weighing down on this hotly anticipated title, we’re looking at 5 things we feel Andromeda should include, either because the previous games did them well, or because there’s room for improvement.
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In this video, we’re exploring a range themes in the Mass Effect universe such as how choices will play out, the availability of compelling DLC, and, of course, the potential return of a certain much-loved space tank.
If you haven‘t played any of the Mass Effect games before, our discussion is spoiler free, though we recommend you quickly get to grips with these three excellent titles. If you prefer your challenges served in the utmost difficulty, check out our other Live videos, where most recently we discussed 5 reasons why Dark Souls III let us down.
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