Apple can save you embarrassing autocorrects

Apple may introduce a blue line to help identify autocorrects before you send out your message.

We have all been there more than once. Autocorrect has come a long way since its original introduction years ago but it can still lead to some embarrassing changes to your messages. Now Apple has an idea of how it can prevent you from future slip-ups with a new tool to identify autocorrects before they’re sent.
A new patent shows an idea to underline all autocorrected words on iPhone or iPad with a blue line. It should make it easy to spot what has been changed before you send your message. Unlike spelling mistakes, which are highlighted with a red line, blue will be specifically for autocorrected words.
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The patent was already filed in July 2015 so we don’t know whether Apple will roll out the idea or not. I definitely think a blue line to draw attention to autocorrected words will help. Let us know you thoughts in the comment section below.
Source: TechRadar
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