5 reasons why Dark Souls III was a let down

Welcome to our new show, Bandwidth Blog Live, where in this instalment we’re looking at 5 reasons why Dark Souls III was a let down.

We were greatly looking forward to Dark Souls III, and in many ways, this is a video we didn‘t want to make, but we‘ve felt compelled to. We’re looking at 5 reasons why Dark Souls III was a let down, and exploring just why we feel this hotly anticipated title didn’t meet the mark.
III could very well be the last entry in the series, and if it is, it‘s a bitter way to say goodbye. We still feel this is still an excellent title on its own, and fully deserving of the high score we gave it, but compared to the unforgettable brilliance of the games before it, we find the third entry in the Dark Souls saga somewhat flat – and to us, that’s the very definition of disappointment.
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In this video, we’re examining reasons why Dark Souls III was a let down, exploring themes such as its length, its world and lore, and most importantly, the expectation that was laid out before it.
If you haven’t played Dark Souls III yet, we’ve got three great titles we recommend you check out before diving into From Software’s latest offering.
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