Microsoft's Word Flow keyboard arrives on iPhone

Microsoft has finally brought its Word Flow keyboard to the iPhone, which supports gesture typing and a one-hand mode among other features

We first reported Microsoft’s development of a new iPhone keyboard some time ago, and now that concept has come to fruition in the form of the company’s new Word Flow keyboard for iPhone.
The keyboard, which can be downloaded from the App Store, shares the same name with its Windows Phone counterpart but brings several new features not yet seen on the platform.
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iPhone users will be able to activate one-handed typing by swiping from the bottom corner of the screen, and can customise their Word Flow keyboard through the use of a custom background which makes use of an image from an iOS Photos library.
Beyond these unique additions, the keyboard functions similarly to its Windows Phone counterpart, and features gesture typing and word prediction. Further, users can allow the keyboard to integrate with their contact lists, which will allow accurate name prediction.
Microsoft have been quietly developing its Word Flow keyboard for iOS since January, and Android is scheduled to see the keyboard at an unspecified date later this year.
The Redmond firm acquired popular keyboard application SwiftKey earlier this year, and promised to integrate SwiftKey’s feature set into Word Flow while keeping the former as a separate app.
Word Flow is available now on iOS for free, though it joins a litany of other third party keyboards on the platform.
Word Flow is the latest app from Microsoft’s Garage project, which has unleashed the likes of Tay and Captionbot on the internet.
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