Chromebook update set to bring material design, Android apps

Reports have indicated that a Chromebook update is inbound for Chrome OS, which will bring material design elements and the ability to run Android apps

Rejoice, Chromebook users: your day of reckoning has finally arrived. New reports have indicated that a Chromebook update is inbound which will offer the ability to run Android apps, as well as introduce new Material Design elements.
Chromebooks running version 51 of Chrome OS are able to find a new checkbox in the Settings menu that gives the option to “Enable Android apps to run on your Chromebook.”
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It is speculated that additions to Chrome OS’ source code in Google’s Developer Channel point to Google Play Store apps becoming available on the platform.
The ability to run Android apps on the platform could be announced at Google’s I/O conference, which runs in May this year.
We’ve long speculated that Google would, at some point, fold Chrome OS into Android; however, these new additions to the former will keep it distinct from the latter.
Chrome OS’ newfound ability to run Android apps would see the platform leap forward not only in use, but in territorial availability.
The Google Play Store is open to – and accepts payment from – many more territories than Chrome OS does. Beyond expanding Chrome OS’ abilities, the update could see Google roll out its line of laptops in far more significant numbers than what has been achieved at present.
Further, an update brining Material Design to the platform has begun to roll out. Material Design, Google’s official design language, brings new tweaked colours and animations to the platform.
Further, new additions point to a ‘hybrid mode’, which would improve touch support on Chromebooks.
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What are your thoughts on the big changes headed to Chrome OS in the latest Chromebook update? Would you be more or less willing to buy a Chromebook?
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