Google revealed to be top employer of Bernie Sanders donors

A new analysis has revealed that Google, among Apple and Microsoft, is the foremost employer of donors to US Senator Bernie Sanders’ election campaign.

A new report hosted on Open Secrets has revealed the top contributors towards US Senator Bernie Sanders’ election campaign, with a surprising tech revelation: that among the list of donors, Alphabet (Google), Microsoft, Apple and Amazon have ranked within the top 5.
According to Open Secrets, employees of Alphabet have donated over $250,000 USD to Sanders’ election campaign, trailed by employees from Microsoft ($95,296 USD), Apple ($85,576) and Amazon ($63,385 USD).
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Sanders’ donor list is dichotomous to that of Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, who both enjoy the support of financial groups and unions, as CNET reports.
The revelation is a surprising one in the technology industry; despite Sanders’ campaign centred on highlighting income inequality in the US, Alphabet employees rank among some of the best paid in their industry.
Other top tech contributors to Sanders’ campaign include the likes of airline manufacturer Boeing Co ($47,206 USD)  and networking manufacturer Cisco Systems ($37,293 USD).
Open Secrets explains that among Sanders’ top donors, the funds listed came from Political Action Committees (PACs), individual members, employees, owners, and the immediate family members of the latter two groups.
It is important to note, in this light, that none of the firms listed are direct donors to Sanders’ campaigns as they are prohibited by federal law from doing so.
Regardless, the list reveals an interesting avenue of support for Bernie Sanders, who has recently lost ground to his Democratic counterpart, Hillary Clinton, in New York.
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Source: Open Secrets