TechTalkCPT April: Technological innovation in medicine

April’s TechTalKCPT centered around innovation in medicine, where three speakers from BMEC demonstrated cutting-edge technologies.

TechTalkCPT, for the uninitiated, is a monthly technology seminar hosted by KAT-O (Kick-Ass-Tech, Obviously) that highlights extraordinary developments in local science and technology and is presented by industry specialists.
April’s seminar, which was hosted on Wednesday the 6th at 60 Hout Street, Cape Town, focused on advancements in medicine, specifically examining cutting-edge technologies developed by BMEC.
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BMEC is a multi-disciplinary team consisting of Raphael Smith, Shuaib Omar and Heidi Wilson. BMEC offer design, manufacture and implementation solutions among others.
At TechTalkCPT, the team demonstrated new medical technologies, among them several new prototypes for medical tools such as the g-tag, a wearable impact monitor aimed at rugby players.
Developed with the goal of monitoring head injuries on the rugby field (which all too often can be ignored or misdiagnosed) the g-tag can be worn on the head or inside a scrum cap, and is able to notify its wearer or a medical professional whether a player is at risk for an injury through a visual alarm.
For those who’re familiar with the recent Will Smith film Concussion, the device would help to treat – and ideally prevent – traumatic head injury taking place on the rugby field.
The team further unveiled the Spirometer – a device used to measure the flow rate and volume of a patient’s lungs during emergency – and the Aceso, a device which combines mammography and ultrasound to accurately diagnose early stages of breast cancer that could otherwise go undetected.
May’s TechTalkCPT will detail survival in one of Earth’s most unforgiving environments: Antartica! Tickets will be sold through Quicket, with special pricing available for past attendees and children.
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