UE Boom 2 Review: The bluest of Bluetooth speakers

This is a compact, durable wireless Bluetooth speaker that tries to blast you with the full package. We find out in our UE Boom 2 Review if it succeeds

For most, the brand UE might not be immediately familiar. It is a brand owned by the computing hardware firm Logitech, and they have been making great audio accessories for years. UE (Ultimate Ears) have now built a presence in South Africa, and want a chunk of the wireless Bluetooth speaker market. With their latest speaker, do they warrant interest? Find out in our UE Boom 2 Review!
UE Boom 2 Review
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Setting up and connecting the speaker to your smartphone or any other Bluetooth device is extremely easy. Simply power on the device with the button on in the centre (then listen to the lovely and unique sound effects as you do so) then hit the smaller button to the side to make the device discoverable. You then connect it to your smart device as you would any other wireless speaker.

“Compared to other speakers its size, it definitely packs a booming punch”

On the outside, not much has changed from its predecessor. You do have some great colour options this time around, including this almost neon green and blue version. Aesthetically, the speaker speaks volumes about the direction the company is going to appeal to the young, tech enthusiast.
UE Boom 2 Review
The other big (external) change is that the Boom 2 is now completely waterproof, where its predecessor was only water resistant.
UE Boom 2 Review
The funky colour design continues in the box and charging cables. This was one of the most satisfying unboxing experiences we‘ve had with a product of this nature. The bright yellow charging cables contrast magnificently with the product itself.
UE Boom 2 Review
Most of the significant changes are on the inside, however. The biggest and most fundamental differences are in the sound quality of the Boom 2, and the maximum volume; two 1.75 inch full-range drivers and two 3 inch passive bass radiators are responsible for all the Boom 2‘s audio oomph, which UE says is 25 percent louder than the already small-room-filling Boom. The battery should last you a full day without issues, as I found on many occasions. It did sap more juice when I forget to put it off and it continually searched for Bluetooth connections, however.
UE Boom 2 Review
As expected, the name of the device alludes to the great sounding bass, which is the first thing you notice when pumping up the volume. Compared to other speakers its size, it definitely packs a booming punch. That being said, its treble completely surprised me from the get go. You would expect it to be overpowered by the deep bass, but the balance is remarkably refined (especially when listening at louder volumes). There‘s a combo of strong mid-bass and strong treble that makes the UE Boom 2 sound musical and enjoyable and immersive. I might even suggest using this speaker as a supplement when playing games where sound plays an important role, whether on mobile or otherwise.
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To put it plainly, it just sounds good as a single speaker and can completely fill a room with plenty of sound. Most people will use it at moderate to maximum sound levels, which is where it excels, sitting upright on a table or on the cylindrical face. With included microphones, the Boom 2 also works extremely well as a speakerphone, as long as you‘re not more than 2-3 metres away from the device.
UE Boom 2 Review
Something we haven‘t yet touched on is its build quality, which I can assure you is top notch. There‘s just something special about the combination of the rubbery bands and flaps over the volume buttons and charging port with the speaker grill that feels like it will last. I did drop it from a significant height more than once and it doesn‘t have a dent or change in performance.
UE Boom 2 Review
The UE Boom 2 is an excellent little portable wireless speaker. The waterproofing adds functionality for people liking to dance and jive in the shower while keeping their phone out of reach, and the quality of the sound is commendable. We have no issues recommending the UE Boom 2 to anyone, with one slight caveat. The price tag of R3,500 isn‘t something to scoff at, but the quality of the product makes it an easy recommendation to anyone that needs a great sounding wireless speaker. We don‘t think you‘ll find better one for the price.
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