New reports suggest that Google is planning to build their own “Tomorrowland” digital city to allow them to test out futuristic tech.

Alphabet and Google have been expanding their tech empire over the past few years. Now they want to take the next step to showcase their wide technological expertise. Reports claim that in the not-too-distant future our cities could feature a lot more Google tech, from self-driving car pods to ultra-fast Wi-Fi you can connect to from anywhere. Now the powers-that-be at Google’s parent company Alphabet are planning to build a digital city from scratch to test out all this hardware and infrastructure.
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Sidewalk Labs, one of Alphabet’s newer subsidiaries, is rumoured to be planning “a testbed for new technologies”. Parts of Denver and Detroit are apparently being looked at as potential locations. Even though some parts of cities are already being used to test futuristic tech, this experiment seems to be on a whole other level.
Part of this tech city could also see robot delivery couriers and smart traffic light systems hooked up to one central system. Not relying on ageing infrastructure allows you much more freedom to create something ready for the next century of city living. The Alphabet umbrella already has some impressive tech to populate this city including artificial intelligence, health, internet access, satellite imagery, smart home tech and virtual reality.
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This might just be a fanciful rumour at this stage but one that does make a lot of sense. Representatives form Alphabet and Sidewalk Labs refused to comment on the speculation, though Sidewalk Labs has already been involved in bringing Wi-Fi hotspots to New York and improving traffic flow across several US cities.
We are holding thumbs that we might see Google’s Tomorrowland sooner rather than later!
Source: TechRadar
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