New rumours suggest Mac OS X could be renamed MacOS

Apple’s desktop operating system has for years been named Mac OS X, but new evidence suggests that the OS could instead be renamed MacOS.

If I had to choose my least favourite Apple operating system name, it’d have to be watchOS. Now, Mac OS X could be sent in a similar direction as mounting evidence points to a rename to MacOS.
On a page in Apple’s FAQ section, detailing Apple’s efforts in environmental safety, multiple references are made to “MacOS devices”, where formerly the term “Mac computers” was used.
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Further, a discovery within OS X’s filesystem has further pointed to a file with the ending “macOS”.
The name is a significant shift that would at last bring the three forks of Apple’s ecosystem into a cohesive nomenclature; the company, which already possesses watchOS for its Apple Watch wearable and iOS for the iPhone, iPod and iPad, is likely aiming to shore up consistency between the names of its software platforms.
The most interesting change is the term “macOS devices”; a phrase which could imply what where Mac OS X ran on laptop and desktop computers, ‘macOS’ could instead run on either forms of devices, such as a tablet.
The likelihood of Apple violating its device policy is remote, but many already imagined that the iPad Pro would arrive sporting a touch-friendly version of Mac OS X rather than iOS.
In recent weeks, Apple has filed a patent for a touch keyboard that would see a MacBook instead fitted with a touch surface instead of a trackpad and physical keyboard. The patent itself could be symptomatic of a larger project the Cupertino company might be working on.
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