In a marketplace where custom cases are quite accessible, Google wants in on the game with a smart solution called Live Cases

Many companies around the world offer custom-made cases as well as skins to almost any mainstream device available to the public (with dbrand probably the most successful), anyone can now customise their own smartphones. Google have decided to launch their own customisable case, but with something almost none other offer.
This case will add additional functionality to your Nexus 6, Nexus 5X or Nexus 6P device‘s software experience with a smart NFC connected chip in the case itself.
The custom Live Cases are now available for $35 and in two main forms: “œPlaces“ and “œPhotos“. As you can imagine, the Photos Live Case lets you upload any high-res photo and have it plastered onto a shell case for your applicable Nexus. The Places Live Case allows you to earmark a specific location on Google Maps that might be close to your heart, with different colour options, and allows you to pan and zoom to your liking.
Here‘s the really interesting thing: all these cases have an embedded NFC button that you can press. The first time you hit it, it prompts you to download the My Live Case app. You can then tailor a bunch of complementary wallpapers and app associations with that button.

Source: Google
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