The FBI hasn't found anything on the cracked iPhone yet…

The much publicised legal battle between Apple and the FBI might have been over nothing as nothing of significance has yet been discovered on the cracked iPhone 5c.

After one of the largest standoffs between business and the government in the unlocking case between Apple and the FBI it seems (as things stand) it all was for nothing. A new report from CBS News is offering some information as to the contents of the device, or lack thereof rather. The report says that, as of right now, the FBI has not found anything of “œreal significance“ on the device.
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The CBS report states that a law enforcement source and says that the Federal Bureau of Investigation will continue to analyze the contents of the iPhone 5c in question, but nothing of interest has been found yet. The report follows similar scepticism after the husband of a San Bernardino survivor explained that it was “œunlikely“ the terrorist‘s iPhone contained any valuable information due to it being a county-owned phone.
We now know that group of freelance hackers were behind the agency’s successful entry to the iPhone 5c and while it is significant that nothing of interest has yet been found on the iPhone, it‘s still unlikely that the FBI would ever officially confirm this report.
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What are your thoughts on the agency’s failure – so far – to find anything worthwhile on the San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone? Could all the legal posturing have been for nothing? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!
Source: 9to5Mac
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