Apple's iPhone SE fails the bendability test

#BendGate might be the last word Apple wants to see again, but in the wake of an iPhone SE bendability test failure, the company faces new controversy.

One of the sorest points surrounding the release of the iPhone 6 Plus was the fact that the premium smartphone was prone to bending in its users products. While Apple has taken steps to redress this with the iPhone 6s Plus, the company now faces new controversy after an iPhone SE bendability test failure.
While Apple have been publicly adamant on their decision to revisit the form factor most familiar with the iPhone 5, the company hasn’t been overly public with the overall durability of the design.
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Tests by SquareTrade reveal that while the iPhone SE is thicker than the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, the new model requires only 160 pounds (73kgs) of pressure to bend it; in perspective, that’s 10 less pounds of force compared than what the iPhone 6s Plus would require to introduce a boomerang-style bend to the device’s flat form factor.
SquareTrade cite that the iPhone SE faces “catastrophic failure” when subjected to 178 pounds of pressure.
Further, the iPhone 6s further beat out the SE when faced with different forms of durability testing; with the former lasting 29 more minutes (30 minutes in total) when submerged to 5 feet in water than the iPhone SE.
The only area in which the SE proved the victor over the iPhone 6s Plus is within a tumble test, where the SE obtained minor scuffs after being subjected to torture inside a spinning box; comparatively, the 6s Plus was shattered and rendered inoperable.
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Apple so far have opted not to respond to any requests for comment.
What are your thoughts on the iPhone SE’s lacklustre durability when compared to the iPhone 6s? Does revisiting an older design truly mean sacrificing modern day durability? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!
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