Boompi is a dating app where your girl friends eavesdrop

A new Tinder-style app named Boompi offers dating with a twist, where users can add other observers in to chats between prospective romances.

Tinder might be an interesting 21st century take on dating, but a new app, named Boompi, offers a new twist by allowing female users to add observers into chats between potential romances.
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Women are able to add girl friends into a private conversation with a potential date, where they can peruse the chat anonymously while being totally hidden from the date in question. The friends in question would be able to send messages within the chat that only the female user would be able to read.
Women who aren’t looking for a date are able to peruse their friends chats by entering “Ghost Mode”, from which they’ll be able to eavesdrop on their friend’s conversation.
In an interview with TechCrunch, Alejandro Ponce, the app’s creator, stated that he feels men will still join the service despite the ‘Ghost Mode’ available to female users and their friends, citing that Boompi is “is every girl’s dream”, and is a space where “œgirls can secretly add their girl friends to a chat with a guy to gossip and share their opinion on guys.“
It remains to be seen whether users of Boompi view ‘Ghost Mode’ as a means of addressing gender disparity in similar dating apps, or as an invasion of personal privacy.
Boompi follows on from an idea first established by Lulu, a dating “intelligence” app which allowed women to anonymously and review their dating experiences with men. Lulu was later bought ought and incorporated into the Badoo portfolio.
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What are your views on Boompi? Do you see the app’s use of ‘Ghost Mode’ as an intrusion or an important means to redress gender disparity on such services? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!
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Source and feature image: TechCrunch