The Tetrahedron Super Yacht shows the future of sea travel

The pyramid Tetrahedron Super Yacht concept, designed by Jonathan Schwinge, shows what sea travel in the future could very well look like.

Who lives in a pyramid just above the sea? You very well could, if a new design  named the Tetrahedron Super Yacht by Jonathan Schwinge enters production.
As its name implies, the concept takes its direct form from the geometry of a Tetrahedron, a three based pyramid which bears 4 faces and 6 leading edges. On a yacht, this design offers stability and enclosure that connects to a hull assembly.
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The super yacht, when at full speed, will give the impression of being carried aloft by a strut; in reality, the strut connects the tetrahedron to a singe submerged hull in the shape of a torpedo. The torpedo remains submerged even while the yacht itself is raised above the sea.
Lifting out of the water, the super yacht will offer smooth long distance travel at a safe height above rough waters.
The design for the Tetrahedron Super Yacht is based upon an existing design which was first developed my multiple companies, most notably the Maritime Applied Physics Corporation in the US.
The super yacht, if constructed, would further boast an autopilot system with components taken from the aviation industry that would control the yacht’s pitch and heave.
In a statement to Jim Dobson of Forbes, Jonathan Schwinge confirmed that the super yacht is already in partial development, stating that “œWe are currently working with a large superyacht yard and the design has been developing forward.”
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What are your thoughts on the Tetrahedron Super Yacht? Would you be willing to sail the world on this unconventional vessel? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!
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