Hundreds of Windows 3.1 games are released in an archive

Here’s a blast from the past; hundreds of old Windows 3.1 games – including titles such as Ski and Incredible Machine, have been released in an archive!

If you grew up dodging Yetis in Ski while sitting at the back of the class in school, today is your day; a new library of Windows 3.1 games has been released for free online.
The archive, which features a total of 1,137 downloadable games, has been released on and can be played for free.
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The list of programs, which consists of headline titles such as Ski and Incredible Machine, were first seen on Windows 3.0, 3.1, or 3.1.1.
Of the 1,137 titles, a majority where written in Visual Basic, which utilised the new programmable user interface of Windows to allow independent programmers to create third-party applications.
Last year, the Internet Archive released the DOS Collection, in which thousands of games, applications and utilities for DOS once again became playable.
The new release of Windows 3.1 games on the archive allows users to run such titles in a modern web browser. Microsoft itself officially stopped supporting Windows 3.1 in 2001.
The project which has now unveiled the archive, named DOSBOX, was put together by a number of volunteers, who not only worked to set each program with a required limit of 2 megabytes, but further ensure compatibility with a browser-based emulator.
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While the entire archive might be overwhelming to some, the Archive have further unveiled the Windows Showcase, where in a curated set of software programs from 20 years ago can be viewed instead.
What are your thoughts on the release of the Windows 3.1 games archive? Did you grow up playing any of the titles in the list? Be sure to let us know your thoughts and what you’ll be revisiting in the comments below!
View the Archive here
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