Opera Mini video compression arrives on Android

Just after a year following its arrival on iOS, Opera Mini video compression technology has finally landed on Android, giving a whole new way to save data.

In South Africa, bandwidth is at a premium – and while video content is exciting to watch, accessing it comes at a cost. Following its introduction on iOS last year, Opera Mini video compression has finally rolled out to Android.
To enable video compression in Opera Mini, users will need to enable “video boost” in the “high savings mode” within the browser.
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Enabling video compression means that a small amount of quality will be lost, with the tradeoff being that videos will now load substantially more quickly than before.
If you like keeping track of what Opera Mini can do for you, the browser will even keep count of the videos it has optimised for playback.
The move comes as Opera’s latest foray into video compression, as not only did the technology roll out on Android last year, but the company further became the prime means to Opera Max to reduce Netflix data costs by nearly half.

What are your thoughts? Will you use Opera Mini video compression? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!
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