Augmented reality t-shirt offers a gaze at your insides

The future is drawing ever closer; a new augmented reality t-shirt will offer an animated display of any person’s internal organs.

In what perhaps could be the best product name of 2016, the Virtuali-Tee is a new augmented reality t-shirt that can offer s real time animation of a wearer’s internal organs.
The t-shirt, when paired with a virtual reality headset, is even capable of offering virtual tours around areas of interest; including major organs such as the heart.
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The augmented reality version, which can be explored using a smartphone, can be used to depict a positionally-correct mockup of a person’s internal organs, and can be used to detail information about the human body.
The makers of the Virtuali-Tee, Curiscope, hopes to reach its Kickstarter goal of $100,000 USD to produce the shirt en masse.
Early backers will receive the shirt and app for $25 USD, and open sales will see the shirt retail for roughly $40 USD.
augmented reality t-shirt
While the Virtuali-Tee displays a mockup of one’s internal organs and not a real-time view, the shirt could be used in education settings to foster a unique understanding of the human body and its makeup.
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Feature image: Ufunk