#TechTalkCPT March: Using tech to map the universe

March’s TechTalkCPT introduced speakers Pierre Fluery and Marta Spinelli, who explained cosmology and how tech is being used to map the universe.

TechTalkCPT, for the uninitiated, is a monthly technology seminar hosted by KAT-O (Kick Ass Tech, Obviously) that highlights extraordinary developments in local science and technology and is presented by industry specialists.
March’s TechTalk revolved around how technology is being used to map the universe; with University of Cape Town scholar Pierre Fluerry and University of the Western Cape scholar Marta Spinelli offering insight into historical and modern day cosmology.
The event kicked off with Fluerry’s presentation, where the scholar addressed the development from cosmogony to cosmology, and explained the transition from ancient beliefs about the universe to what science can tell us today.
Fluerry offered an introduction to cosmology, touching on the discoveries of Lemaitre and Einstein, and introduced theories surrounding relativity, dark energy and the formation of solar systems.
The second speaker of the evening, Marta Spinelli, offered insight into how modern day technology is being used, including the MeerKAT array situated in the Karoo, as well as the Planck observatory which was decommissioned in 2013.

The Planck observational telescope, decommissioned in 2016.

Both Fluerry and Spinelli fielded questions from the audience, including queries on the nature of whether faster than light space travel would be possible, as well as what their favourite work of science fiction is.
April’s TechTalkCPT will revolve around the theme of technological innovation in medicine. Tickets will be sold through Quicket, with special pricing available for past attendees and children.
Stay tuned for further coverage of TechTalk live on Bandwidth Blog next month!
For more information on TechTalkCPT, be sure to visit KAT-O, and read up on September 2015’s TechTalk – preparing for the robot uprising!
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