LG 360 CAM gets Google Street View certified

The Google Street view team have certified the LG 360 CAM, giving it access to the Street View and the ability to upload raw images directly into the app.

LG’s major play into virtual reality this year at MWC is already bearing fruits; the company’s LG 360 CAM has been certified for use into Google Street View.
This means that owners of the 360 CAM will be able to upload raw images and movies directly into the Street View app without the need to edit or convert the file.
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The 360 CAM is the first product to receive the accreditation, beating out the likes of Samsung’s Gear 360 video camera.
The camera makes use of 16 megapixel sensor and 5.1 surround sound recording to capture spherical video and images, and to boot is only twice the size of your average thumb drive.
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Feature image: CBS Interactive