Russian engineers are set to launch a crowd-funded satellite

In the latest case of ‘Why? Because we can!’, Russian engineers have met their goal and will proceed to launch a crowd-funded satellite into space.

Just because you can do it, doesn’t mean you should do it – but all indications point to a certain team of Russian engineers having never head that phrase, as they now move to launch a crowd-funded satellite into space.
The satellite in question won’t contribute to any scientific research nor reveal any important information, but will simply change the appearance of the night sky, becoming the brightest light visible.
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The crowd-funded satellite, named Mayak (Beacon, in English) will be launched into sun-synchronous orbit, and will bounce light back to Earth using a 16 square meter reflector.
“We want to show that space exploration is something exciting and interesting, but most importantly that today it is accessible to everybody who is interested.” Project lead Alexander Shaeko said in a statement to Sputnik News.
The launch of the satellite comes as a result of the team raising 1.5 million Rubles through Russian Kickstarter service, Boomstarter.
Russian space agency Roscosmos has confirmed that the satellite could launch as soon as July of 2016 through a Soyuz-2 rockets.
“Roscosmos works seriously with universities and by supporting projects like Mayak we boost the motivation of students to work for Russian space rocket enterprises in the future” a spokesperson said in an official statement.
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However, not everyone is as enthusiastic; in a statement to IFLScience, Astronomer Nick Howes commented that “We fight so hard for dark skies in and around our planet… To see this being potentially ruined by some ridiculous crowdfunded nonsense makes my heart simply despair.”
Things are getting a little too close to the plot of the 007 flick GoldenEye for our liking.
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