Top 5: Rumoured iPhone 7 Features

MWC is history, now the iPhone rumour mill starts gaining momentum. We take a look at the top 5 most talked about and rumoured iPhone 7 features.

Right, MWC is done and dusted and every Android fan has already made up their mind on which device to get next (if you haven’t listen to our podcast – Episode 31 – to get some more info!). The next big flagship reveal, other than whenever HTC decides to drop the One M10, is of course the iPhone 7. The new iPhone will probably feature some pretty cool new features and an updated design (seeing that it isn’t an “S” model). We will most likely see the new iPhone 7 being unveiled in September, but until then let’s take a look at the Top 5 most talked about features the iPhone 7 might have.

iPhone7-wireless-chargeBattery and wireless charging

Probably the number one feature on any smartphone user’s list is the battery lifetime. What use are these amazing smartphones if they are essentially relegated to landline phones due to horrendous battery life? We‘re hoping Apple takes advantage of some of the latest battery cell technologies and pushes the average use time of the device to over 12 hours. Being able to wake up in the morning and not have to plug in your iPhone once before getting home would be amazing.
Some rumors and iPhone 7 model spec reports indicate that we might see wireless charging on the new model. While it is a possibility, there is no indication of whether Apple would plan to use an existing model for wireless charging, or if it has created its own. The reported “thinner” design might also play in favor of wireless charging.
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iPhone7-waterproofWaterproof Design

It seems like Apple is taking forever to bring this feature to their phones. I am not sure whether they view it as unnecessary but I for one would love to have some type of water/dust proofing on the next iPhone. Geez man, you pay through your nose for these devices the one day and the next your toddler is trying to catch fish with it in the toilet. It would provide some much needed piece of mind to customers if they knew they didn’t have to keep a security detail on their iPhones. Most of their competitors do it! C’mon Apple- we won’t think less of you…


Li-Fi tech and no more 3.5mm headphone jack

Probably the most reported rumor among all of the iPhone 7 reports is the elimination of the 3.5mm headphone jack. Apple’s quest to make the iPhone thinner than its existing model will involve some hardware alterations. A report from Japanese tech website Mac Otakara cites a “reliable” anonymous source who claims Apple is planning to swap out its 3.5-mm headphone jack and instead use its Lightning port for audio output.
While this is still a wild rumor, reports reference Li-Fi technology being used with iOS, which suggests Apple could be testing the new technology for future iPhones and iPads. Getting rid of dust collecting ports and having a wireless transfer capability which is a 100 times faster than Wi-Fi can only be good news. Apple‘s rumored replacement for the aging head-phone jack won‘t just be a modified lightning adapter. Reports suggest that Apple, in partnership with the Beats subsidiary, is developing a new set of truly wireless earbuds that can be charged via their protective carrying case, which in turn gets recharged, that will debut before or around the same time as the new iPhone hardware.
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iphone-7-screenBigger screen in the same body

The iPhone’s screen got bigger, but it has a bigger bezel compared with some new Android models (while Samsung’s Galaxy Note 5 and Motorola Moto X are the same size or smaller than iPhone 6 Plus, they have bigger screens). Some people would like to see Apple get a little bit bigger screen – say, 4.7 to 5 inches on the iPhone 7 (in the same chassis).
Last year Apple patented built-in screen fingerprint recognition technology. Should they follow through with the tech we might see an edge-to-edge screen with no more Home button. This would be a welcome change for critics who think Apple should cut back on the iPhone’s bezels to maximize its display?
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iPhone-7-speakersHigher quality speakers

Apple‘s latest patent suggests the company is looking at a new way to boost the audio for the next generation of iPhones, which could include the iPhone 7.
The patent content claims that ““ “œAs portable electronic devices get smaller and thinner, there are increased difficulties in providing the same or greater functionality in a smaller area. The one or more speakers [of this new system] can produce audio sound that can be directed (e.g., by way of one or more acoustic chambers) to one or more audio output openings.“
The possibility of these new speakers fits right into Apple‘s pursuit of thinner and lighter phones. This will however be only good news for consumers opposed to the rumor that the headphone jack will disappear.
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What rumored iPhone 7 feature are you most excited about. Or are you at all looking forward to see what Apple does next? Let us know in the comments section below!