Apple rumoured to be working on an unhackable iPhone

While Apple’s legal woes with the FBI is far from over, rumours suggest that the company is looking to develop an unhackable iPhone.

According to new reports from the New York times, Apple engineers are hard at work developing new security measures that would prevent an iPhone from being hacked.
While Apple has no far declined to comment on the report, the development likely stems from a brewing conflict between the company and the FBI’s requests to access iPhones.
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Earlier last week, Apple CEO Tim Cook wrote a public letter detailing Apple’s resistance of the FBI’s requests to access information stored on iPhones, as such a move would set a “dangerous precedent”.
Google’s Sundar Pichai, as well as Facebook and Twitter, have lept to Facebook’s defence, while former Microsoft CEO Bill Gates has come out in defense of the FBI’s requests in the particular case of accessing information on the San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone.
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Apple stated earlier this week that it wishes the US Congress to form a commission to investigate the clash between technology and security, and further discuss “the implications for law enforcement, national security, privacy and personal freedoms.”
While it presently unknown as to what technologies or features Apple could be developing to make an iPhone ‘unhackable’, the company could be looking into doubling-up its encryption software in the event the FBI are enabled to access iPhones through a court order.
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