Apple Watch the #1 selling smartwatch globally

The recently released IDC report pegs the Apple Watch as the number 1 selling smartwatch globally and the number 2 selling wearable behind FitBit.

Recent International Data Corporation (IDC) reports suggest that the Apple Watch (my top tech moment of 2015) is doing much better in the smartwatch market than most analysts would think. In fact the numbers indicate that the Apple sold 4.1 million units during the important holiday quarter, positioning Apple at #2 only behind Fitbit (which wouldn‘t be included at all if we were to look at just full-featured smartwatches).
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According to the IDC:

Apple grew its Watch distribution, enjoyed holiday promotions, and drove the company‘s overall “˜Other Products‘ revenue during 4Q15. However, volumes for the quarter grew only slightly from the previous quarter and total revenues have yet to counterbalance the slowing growth and declines from the company‘s other product categories. Expectations are higher for the next-generation Watch that can leverage the company‘s platforms (HealthKit, ResearchKit, WatchKit, and watchOS 2) and connectivity capabilities.

Another report compiled by Strategy Analytics (which only looked at smartwatches, not fitness trackers) noted that the 4.1 million Apple Watches sold in Q4 made up over half of the entire smartwatch industry (which sold 8.1 million units worldwide). As for how the other full-fledged smartwatch makers are competing with Apple, IDC estimates Samsung sold 1.3 million units during Q4 and just 3.1 million during all of 2015. The rest of the smartwatch makers didn‘t even chart and were included in IDC‘s “œOthers“ category (check out the table below).
IDC-Apple-Watch-SalesSource: 9to5Mac
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