MyFC Jaq – Power your smartphone with water and salt!

Want to go totally off the grid? The MyFC Jaq charger will power any smart device by using fuel cells made from water and salt.

Whilst everyone might be focused on the flagship smartphones (Galaxy S7, LG G5, HTC One X9) launching at this year’s MWC, a small little battery gadget is stealing some of the thunder. Battery packs are nothing new to most smartphone users, but when you add fuel cells into the mix things get a little more interesting.
MyFC is showcasing its Jaq fuel cell charger at MWC 2016, the world’s smallest charger of its type. The device, which has gotten its European debut, offers up speedy phone charging without the need to ever go near a plug socket. The Jaq powers itself with assistance of its own PowerCard, made of salt and water.
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jaq-device-2Yup! Stick the PowerCard into the charger and some chemical magic hydrogen (not sure of the exact science as you might have concluded) is created and your charging can begin. It will charge a phone in the same time as a normal power outlet! MyFC promises that not only is the chemical reaction completely safe, it is also environmentally friendly.
The MyFC Jaq is compatible with all smart devices, whether you are running iOS, Android or Windows Phone and the little charger will be available in white, purple and black. We don’e have a release date yet but pre-orders have opened on MyFC’s site.
Source: TechRadar
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