Tesla set to open its new Cape Town office

Mayor Patricia de Lille has confirmed that a Tesla Cape Town office will be opened within the coming months, marking the company’s first African premises.

We’ve previously seen that Tesla plain to construct a massive Gigafactory in Cape Town with the view of creating a Powerwall production plant, but today Mayor Patricia de Lille has confirmed that the very first Tesla Cape Town office will open within the coming months.
The Tesla Cape Town office will be run by Evan Rice, who is the former CEO of GreenCape and a board member of the International Cleantech Network, MyBroadband reports.
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In a statement, de Lille stated that the local government is “…very proud that Tesla is setting up an office in Cape Town. Some of their products will be in the country in the next month or two, which will add to the energy solutions we are looking for.”
de Lille further stated that Tesla is rapidly moving ahead with its local plans, and that Evan Rice has reported to Tesla’s US office for induction.
According to de Lill,e Rive, who is Tesla Energy’s new Business Development Manager, will make an announcement on other plans in South Africa shortly.
Presently, Tesla is listing opening for an Applications Engineer, Sales Manager Powerpack, Powerpack Analyst, Sales Manager for Powerwall, and Traing Secialist on its careers website.
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